21 December 2013

say alhamdulillah.

would you believe..on december twenty first twenty three years ago, i was born in the most southern region of mainland asia. i lived in a shop lots for about seven years. life was perfectly perfect then. but everything has changed since i moved to a bit more south, lived in a slum for about ten years before moved to a bit west. in the slum, Sorrow City got its name. in six years time living in the west, i spent more time of my life living a campus life in Cowboy Town and only went back to Sorrow City some times for breaks. Cowboy Town is placed in a state where one of the ancient Malay pyramids were built like we were told by some mystery people. too bad i didn’t explore the place much.

life in Sorrow City is far too much faster than in Cowboy Town. everything is supersonic. tell you what, the sequences flash faster than your eyes possibly could. not to mention about ready. you can imagine but never know exactly what sort of life i had before. but sure, i supposed to be more grateful for my life was incredibly good compared to Lilja’s. struggled to the death having awful times never seen her father since the day she was born when the father cheated Lilja’s mother and leaved them for moscow. at the age of sixteen, the mother cheated Lilja and leaved her alone for america with a boyfriend. then, she was cheated by a she-thought-as-nice-young-gentleman who stole her heart before he stole her identity and sold her to an old man in sweden to made her a slave. a sex slave.

one day, she’s free. what the hell on earth? she got nowhere left to go. i should have told her to learn that since her very own family cannot be trusted, nobody else cannot. but i didn’t. tell me how could i..Lilja died years before i was born. anyway, i think she learnt at last. but it wasn’t a brilliant idea anymore. she trusted not herself and even lost her faith in god.

one way leads to suffering, one way leads to nowhere.
“where shall I go?” Lilja whispered her last words.

instead of choosing between two ways, she jumped off a bridge.
poor Lilja...

O’ Allah..... keep us on the right path. the path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors. not (the path) of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who go astray.

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