18 July 2014

some people found something in a place where they least expected. i found it in a flat screen.

me : sorry...i rarely use this space.
somebody : never mind. which area do you live in? work or study?
me : bukit indah. finish study. not work yet. have not pass the medical check up yet.

somebody : sorry...it has been a while since i last onlined. where do you work?
me : don't know yet. seems like out of the peninsular.
somebody : out of the peninsular? sabah and sarawak? what job is that?
me : just a teacher.
somebody : oh...don't you mind to be sent there? hehehe [carefree]
me : have no idea. life's full of surprises.

me : it has been a long time since i last onlined.
somebody : hehe it's okay. where are you? sarawak?
me : guess what?
somebody : next to me.
me : i got at Taman Nusa Damai.
somebody : oh...it's near to me. i live in Taman Scientex.
me : yeah you're right. next to you. next to your Taman (housing area).

people come and go.
i hope the one who came back will stay forever. stay. here with me.
who knows...

life's full of surprises.

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