24 July 2014

this is bllsht.

every time you break my heart and you know it, you ask "are you alright?"
like always i pretend like everything's fine. i say "i'm fine."
do you know what 'fine' really means?

fck off. i'm not going to deal with this sht.

19 July 2014

gila babas.

ini gila. ini kerja gila. betul-betul gila.
hmm aku pulak macam tak ready je...tapi, nak tunggu aku ready tu entah bila zaman.
masa tak tunggu siapa-siapa.

ah! rempuh je!

18 July 2014

some people found something in a place where they least expected. i found it in a flat screen.

me : sorry...i rarely use this space.
somebody : never mind. which area do you live in? work or study?
me : bukit indah. finish study. not work yet. have not pass the medical check up yet.

somebody : sorry...it has been a while since i last onlined. where do you work?
me : don't know yet. seems like out of the peninsular.
somebody : out of the peninsular? sabah and sarawak? what job is that?
me : just a teacher.
somebody : oh...don't you mind to be sent there? hehehe [carefree]
me : have no idea. life's full of surprises.

me : it has been a long time since i last onlined.
somebody : hehe it's okay. where are you? sarawak?
me : guess what?
somebody : next to me.
me : i got at Taman Nusa Damai.
somebody : oh...it's near to me. i live in Taman Scientex.
me : yeah you're right. next to you. next to your Taman (housing area).

people come and go.
i hope the one who came back will stay forever. stay. here with me.
who knows...

life's full of surprises.

16 July 2014

Sad eyes.

'R' once did told me that i got a pair of sad eyes.
and she use to always ask, 
"are you happy?"
Back then, i just answer with a big smile or laugh.
Truthfully "R".
me myself is confuse. 
do i really happy? 
   p/s: Someone is trying to make herself smile... :)

12 July 2014


dia datang dari kampung.
pernah sekali tu dia tanya aku okay tak dengan dia.
dia cakap dia cuma budak kampung.
aku cakap aku lagi kampung. whatsapp tak ada. wechat tak ada.
haa malas nak layan sebenarnya.
aku tak ambil port pun pasal kampung tak kampung.
okay? sambung semula.

dia datang dari kampung. tempat semua benda jalan perlahan dan tenang.
aku datang dari bandar. tempat semua benda jalan dalam kelajuan cahaya.
kecuali trafik. duh! hmm itu satu perkara yang lain.
tapi bila cakap pasal hubungan, terbalik pulak.
dia rush.
sekejap-sekejap ajak ikut balik kampung.
sekejap-sekejap cakap pasal jumpa mak ayah.
memang aku nak. cuma aku perlu masa.
mungkin esok. mungkin esok-esok.
ish...pening ar. apa nak jawab ni..... hahahahaha :|

05 July 2014

Allah...please don't let him take me away from you.

04 July 2014

the news.

my admirer, my favourite student and my ehem ehem have a same name.

i know that's not exactly news. so, throw it away. hahaha

01 July 2014

for patience is a virtue.

me : i've learnt to love a set of you..your perfections and imperfections..i tried everything, everything to be perfect..you know i've tried so hard..but in the end you're not for me..you chose her instead..what makes her so special..? what does she have that i don't..?

he : the patience.