12 January 2017

goodbye Paan

still remember the Perisa F i told you long ago?  well.. one of them has gone last year. see im not joking when i say people come and go. they do come into my life and out of sudden go out of my life. he is not dead. life just took him away. he lives in a better place now. it was the hardest 7th ramadhan thats what i can tell you. you know what the hardest part is? i laughed when he answered coughing is stylish like a wise old man when i asked him why is he always coughing. i should have known that was the sign.


stay away

remember you told me to stay away from negative people on the very first day of this year?  well it is you that ive decided to stay away. 

you said communication is vital in a relationship but everytime we communicate you make me feel like i cannot talk to you. you make me feel guilty. you make me feel like everything is my fault. you never admit to your wrongs. you said you hate egoist. must i say that it is yourself that you hate? look. im exhausted. 

remember you said you dont chase people? neither do i. 

01 January 2017

twenty seventeen

it has been a long time. a long long time. i have no idea why im back here i just do. twenty seventeen huh? almost two years. okay not two years but almost. one and a half years. quite a long time. not so long but yeah long. pretty long time. i dont know what im talking. two years.. sometimes i get warmer sometimes colder. i went through so many ups and downs but most of the time i was upside down. to tell the whole truth, it still is. people come and people go and no i cant blame them for it. they come and go just like me and i come and go just like the others.

in fact we dont belong to people forever.

indeed we belong to Allah.