21 February 2015

i'm walking on broken glass. (part III)

i acted like i don't give a... i sang pop as i walked into my room. slowly i shut the door and locked myself in this little box. the walls threw back the echoes of Mak's voice. she doesn't like my new boyfriend. in fact, she didn't like my previous boyfriend too. and the boy before him. for they aren't in the same field just like me. you know what...a teacher. this is the fourth time maybe more...she told me to find her a teacher-son-in-law. i don't blame her either. she's already went through hell.

there's a fine line between trauma and learned from lesson.

18 February 2015

birth date. (part 2)

the best part was not the surprise belated birthday party but the heart to heart between Sol, Li, Rose and me in Sol's mobile on our way home. 80km/h was 180km/h.. how time flies...