08 January 2013

bluer than the evening sky.

the sun is setting down. it's getting dark. but there's still a long way to go. i want to go home to my mother. for my heart is blue. bluer than robins egg. bluer than the evening sky. 

i took the road not taken. so now i am lost. i've lost my place in you. i have lost myself and you. but the only thing you've lost is time. you go wherever your artworks bring you. i go wherever my legs bring me. i don't know where am i going. i don't even know what am i doing or what to do. 

o' stars, show me thyself tonight. 
o' stars, i am lost in the dark.
o' stars, take me back to where i'm from.
or am i too late to turn back now?

p/s : i had a dream that you speak japanese with your chum. you're not going to japan, are you? 

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