28 June 2013

between u-turn and alternate exit.

01:03. Friday. so, yesterday must be Thursday. but Thursday told me that she was too sore and sick and weak and invisible to be appeared in my calendar yesterday. she was substituted by her clone named One-Of-The-Most-Disappointing-Thursdays.

i want to go home..................................................!
to my only one, The Creator. to return to innocence.

i kept my mouth shut and listened to every small matter, that actually matters. that i usually just push aside. and that's when i found myself in the wrong way. i am too far from home. i forgot the way to my own home. i'm alone. scared. and tired. the beat of my heart is miles worse than trash metal. i know i talked too much and listened a bit. i'm sorry.

so, i keep my eyes wide open and read every signal. should i take a u-turn to take myself back to where i'm from or should i just go on and drive through the alternate exit? a u-turn could make me clearer and fresher but can't challenge the time and energy i would waste.

i'm talking about life. it's not your fault if you don't understand. you're just too young to understand.

o' Allah...guide me to the straight path.

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