31 August 2013

2009 is calling our names.

you know, when i first came to Cowboy Town, i told myself to trust nobody. because in Sorrow City (where i had lived for about 18 years), you're not to trust anybody. any-body. you put yourself in my position or you’ll get me wrong. i bet you’d have a house but no home. you’d have brothers but no family. if there's a person who can be trusted, it is yourself.

i never respect people before. i never loved. i didn’t even know how to love. my heart was completely cold.

time goes by.
we work and we sleep.
we sing and we shout.
we walk and we ride.
we stand and we sit.
we talk and we listen.
we laugh and we cry.
so, here we are. love is all about respect. and friendship is all about trust.

you said you won’t give up on me. look, i don't believe in promises. i don't want that. i just want you to love me day by day.

 remember this? you captured it. that was when we planned to jog and ended up wandering. :P

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awang jantan said...

live your life !

phyca antares said...

yeah.because life's like this.i've learnt to let things happen.i believe in 'kun fayakun'.

hope she'll take me out someday...