21 August 2010

my insomnia is mr. insomnia...

Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.

Don't put too much worry on what you through everyday. Life's a fate, every dog have their own days. The most important thing is time heals and I do believe people change, that's a trait. 'cause people are living things and they're dynamic. Hey! You're good enough to be called a student with your four flat for straight three semester. You proved it. But that isn't gay at all when I know your insomnia is worse day to day. I don't want you to be Shakespeare . I don't want you to be Sir Isaac Newton or Thomas Edison or Napoleon or Dickens who got their brilliant minds but suffered from insomnia.

p/s :
1. adjust colour balance.
2. adjust gamma correction.
3. adjust offset.
4. :)

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