15 May 2013

i want a Jeep. and Ajib (my chum) ahaha..

nothing to say. my life is at its best. even i don't always have what i want, i  have what i need. because all need in this world is my parents.

mind the difference between in this world and in my life. when i say in this world, it means in this small, temporary world. of course i need god, religion, bla bla bla uh do you need a checklist? i hate miscommunication. i hate misunderstanding. i hate it when i say 'b' and people understand as 'd'. it's miles worse if they turn it upside down and see as 'p'. people scolded me for being act (as they said) and told me to afraid of god when i said i'm not afraid of anything. i told them, i never know god is a 'thing'. some people might be born to muddy the water, i guess. i hate it. i bet not one living soul could stand it. 

i'm not angry. i'm just a bird. i am free. ahahahahaha [?]

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