10 April 2010

dear caffein~

I want sleepless night because I do not want to have a dream about you again.

But caffein really burning deep inside my vein and I can not take it anymore and last night I dreamt that you were behind me with your ultramarine blue shirt and there was no gaps between you and my body.

No. It was not really a dream. It was a nightmare.

5 refleksi:

zulhilmi said...

cun la plak editing cmni..huhu

itan said...

terima kasih.
guna brush.. :P

zulhilmi said...

brush? wah cmne lak tu

e. indah said...

i need caffeine in Life ...

itan said...

ZUL - baru nak cuba-cuba.tengok chat box eh. :)
E - better not cause time heals.. :-/