12 January 2012

to look into her smile is a bliss.

i'm up on cloud number 9.

p/s :

actually, the ninth cloud was cumulonimbus.it's a vertically developed clouds which formed at an altitude of about 500 to 13,000 feet but in extreme cases, its peak can reach up to 75,000 feet.it was the highest a cloud can reach.

this is the largest of clouds; usually extending through all three cloud regions when vertically developed.all other clouds are dwarfed even compared to small cumulonimbus clouds.there are several number of cumulonimbus species.check this thing out..

1. Cumulonimbus Arcus
2. Cumulonimbus Calvus
3. Cumulonimbus Capillatus
4. Cumulonimbus Incus (subtype of Cumulonimbus Capillatus)
5. Cumulonimbus Mammatus
6. Cumulonimbus Pannus
7. Cumulonimbus Pileus
8. Cumulonimbus Praecipitatio
9. Cumulonimbus Tuba
10. Cumulonimbus Velum
11. Cumulonimbus Virga

but as time goes by, people discover another higher cloud which is noctilucent cloud (250,000 to 280,000 feet).after this, maybe i have to say "i'm up on noctilucent" to describe how blissful i am to iphone-age human being so they can understand.

forgive me if i'm wrong. good-day thursday. :)

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now i know, cumulonimbus also have species :">