20 March 2014

my all.

my friend once asked me.

friend : (cynically) so loaded, huh, you bought them all these expensive farewell gifts? hey, you don't belong to this school forever. we're just doing practical training here. and one day, you'll forget them and they'll forget you. plus, they are all just poor kids who i-don't-think will appreciate what they got. it's such a waste. i don't get it.

i just want to give them what i really wanted when i was their age. my parents gave their best or might be all they have to raise me up even i didn't appreciate them. now i give those kids my best even if they won't appreciate. what is wrong with that? you don't hope for any reply when you give cats a lunch, because you love them, don't you? you know i'm no good. at teaching. but,  i do believe teaching is limitless. not only in a classroom. who knows one day when they grew up, if they still remember this moment, they learn about what love is. i don't expect much. i just want them to not stop learning. because life is all about learning.

i don't know whether she asked for an answer or just wanted to speak her mind. so, i just shut up and didn't give any. 

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