08 December 2012

wake up.

yesterday, i posted an entry. i woke up in this morning to post another one but i got the date of the last entry has changed to 19th october 2012. i think i really 'woke up' that it has been 40 days since i left this page.

or 40 days are just equal to a day for a loyal lover, i may say.

i grabbed my mobile cell phone by my shaky hand and i pressed four letters followed by a suspension point.

me : dear...
he : don't call me 'dear'.
me : i had a terrifying dream that you will be marry soon...how terribly sad it was...
he : how do you know?
me : 'how do you know'?? is it true?
he : maybe next year.

i closed my eyes back in hope it was just a dream. in hope i can go back to that dream to change everything according to me. but the warm liquid kept falling down whispered to me "wake up, big girl..."

i guess he has this device built on his heart.

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