06 January 2014

Little Ashes.

nothing to say. i've already made this clip to say how i fancy this film that made me watch it over and over again. but that doesn't mean that i encourage people to be homosexual. but if you find it encouraging, that's your problem. put the blame on yourself because you're not the victim of my random videography. you are the victim of your own negative thinking. there are many strong quotes. either it is Salvador words or Federico's or the filmaker's, i badly love them. Javier is as sweet and charming as in reality. what? Robert? yes, Robert is handsome but i told you i don't like famous men. but he did rather well and impressive in this film than in Rubbish as known as Twilight.

well, we all just a dust who live in the revolution dust.

p/s : if you ever read about the big bang theory.

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