22 January 2014

we don’t get easily fooled after we see something with our own eyes.

well, you read that title?

i said,  "there's nothing to do with palm oil. every development needs sacrifice. it can be thousands of birds lost their homes just to make way for your wheat fields. so, would you stop consume wheat after this?"

then, someone had replied, "its avarice not hunger that makes human to ravage animal kingdom,we can live happily without eating them or harming them."

Tanah Melayu is my only home. i would fight and defend for her in my very own way no matter how bad other people try to put us down. so, i told him "exactly true. but you’re really out of question. this issue is political. palm oil is quite cheap compared to other vegetable oil. there’s certain group of people made an issue of palm oil purposely and talk down to it. therefore, people would boycott palm oil and only use local products which might be olive oil, corn oil or flower seed oil. why don’t you see a picture of thousands of orang utans died in this article? in fact, the orang utans are accidentally killed one in a thousands times. i said, before they ‘care enough’ about the orang utans, they should first care about thousands of birds and lizards and snakes and whatever organisms that they had killed to make their corn fields."

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