21 January 2014

talk to tell.

27th January 2017

my counsellor once told me that we can manage our emotion easily. all you need is a piece of paper and a pencil. just write down that naked bllsht on a piece of paper. tear it up and throw it away. easy. but for a long  period of time does it work?
once i thought i write because nobody listens. i write to let go of the mess that ive been through. to remove the chaos that live inside of me. the gangster. all i need is a gadget and the internet. type. and post. easy. again. does it work?
lets take a look at what have the readers done all this time? you. yes you that reading this. what have you done to make my world is a better place? what have you done to save me from drowning in this whatever ocean of traumatic chaos and chaotic trauma? at least..what have you done to console me? nothing.
look. if you write to gain sympathy from others...all you get is a ton of sht. because most people dont care. theyre just a curious fiction lover who steal ideas from other's suffering.
time makes me older and wiser. i guess. wiser. 
i think im back again now to write. to shape the consciousness about how important to be grateful despite of trial and tribulations. remember that there are always other people who face more difficult trials yet are still survive. think about it.  :)

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