13 January 2014

i love all languages.

i love Malay. i love Hebrew. i love Lithuanian, Romanian, and Persian. but sometimes i despise broken language or the Malay call it bahasa rojak for it may cause confusion and misunderstanding. bahasa means language while rojak is a kind of dish like salad. they got the idea to call it that way because rojak is prepared by mixing a variety of types of vegetables and juicy fruits.

please note the difference between the four types of broken language in Malay :-

bahasa pasarbahasa (language) pasar (market) is a spoken language in daily conversations. it doesn’t contain harsh words yet unallowed be used in formal written stuff.

bahasa rojak – Malay mixed with another language/s. there are two types of bahasa rojak. some speakers use Malay mixed occasionally with some words in other language. another one is use Malay words entirely in the form of sentence structure of other language. it happens if you translate word for word from your mother tongue into Malay.

bahasa samsengbahasa (language) samseng (thug) contains harsh words with horrible form of sentence structure.

bahasa sms – the use of bahasa sms suits its name since sms stands for Short Message System. we shorten the word by removing certain vowels (usually ‘a’) or/and double consonants. for example, makan (eat) change into mkn, dengan (with) to dgn, menggunakan (using) to mngunakn and garpu (fork) to grpu. so, you can write 'makan dengan menggunakan sudu dan garpu' (eat by using spoon and fork) as 'mkn dgn mngunakn sudu & grpu'. anyway, you may minimize the spelling as long as your receiver could understand. it depends to whom you write. 

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