23 January 2014


one evening, i texted my friend. my old friend.

me : have you ever read about magnetic pole reversal?
he : yes.
me : this is crazy.
he : there has been snow in indonesia. malaysia (must be snow) one of these days.
me : i don’t like snow.
he : i can’t stand cold weather.
me : the doomsday is coming.
he : yup.
me : i’m scared...
he : (you ought to) believe the doomsday.

"are you trying to be stupid? you’re not trying to be stupid? good. no wonder. you don’t have to try. you just be. of course i believe, you daft. otherwise, i’m not scared.". i nearly said that but i did not. 

me : but what do we do for the preppers?
he : plant dates.
me : ?
he : you search on google later. plant dates and the good things about it.
me : i’m talking about the preparation for the (life after) death. we don’t live (in this world) after this.
he : yup. it will explain. do find (the article) until you found it.

"you asked me to read and believe all those masonic ideas who believe the life after death will be in the same world as we live in right now? have you completely lost your mind?". instead of replied that, i grit my teeth and ended the conversation by shutting down google chrome window.

i had to read his texts twice maybe more for i couldn't believe my eyes. blimey! he's a Muslim! how could a Practicing Muslim man talked like that...? a Muslim who believe the doomsday but don’t believe the life after death as in Islamic way is no better than those who don’t believe the doomsday at all. i know i shouldn't let my anger grow up inside of me. i should help him. i must.

o’ Allah…is this what you call the fitnah of masih ad-dajjal...? help me please to help this friend of mine...