21 January 2014

the audience.

i have no idea why they came. oh..there is israel too. [?]

alright, forget that. you know what, Fafa? first, i thought "i write because nobody listen" though i realized not all audience are listeners. but when i look on the bright side, i actually have improved my communication skills. my Malay and English, spoken and written, little by little. there are several reasons why people write. i guess i want to talk about this someday.

4 refleksi:

Miss Kitt said...

We're being matured by experience.

Keep writing dear... Coz i'm enjoying reading yours. And it does felt as you've been telling those beside me. :-)

phyca antares said...

but this blog isn't mine...
it's ours.

phyca antares said...

hope you can write more since my writings are all trash.

Miss Kitt said...

Trash? haha... Nope.
Everyone has their own story, and their own thought. It's just you're brave enough to express yours more..:-)

By the way, thanks for the remind. I'll write something. InshaaAllah.. :-)