29 January 2014

words. (partII)

ever since i was a kid, i sit like a boy, stand like a boy, walk like a boy, talk like a boy. generally, naturally act like a boy. people (usually girls) often get offended by the words i use. i don't know which part i went wrong. i hardly made friends with girls. if i have a chance to make things better, i don't want to restart my life over again and use proper words to please these people but to let them wear my own shoes and feel what is like to be me. i understand if there is too little people want to be friend with me. even if i were them, i don't want to. but, to be a good muslim is to mind your words and not to hurt the others. so, i guess i have to learn how to be a good muslim, anyhow.

do you see the phrase on that blue wall? without knowledge, you are nothing. good-day, everybody!

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